May 3th 2024

May 5th 2024 

November 18th 2024 

There are such words that possess much nuance, their meaning is so fraught, that they are impossible to translate.  Some words are even so intertwined in the cultural stratification of a group of people that a description of them is impossible to put into words.  The Finnish word 'Kaamos' is a striking example of this. 

'Kaamos' is more than a word. It encompasses the color, the feeling, the physical impact on one's mind and body that is evoked by the winter night in the Arctic, a night of at least 24h, when the sun no longer rises. You won't easily find more night than that, but as your eyes and ears get used to the darkness, colors become visible and silence starts to move. 

It is Kaamos, that Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho thinks of when she reflects on nature and light in her compositions. 

We asked Kaija Saariaho which young composers she holds dear. 

Two Finnish composers, Maija Hynninen and Tomi Räisänen express what 'Kaamos' means to them in brand new work.

Aïda Gabriels and Bram Vandeghinste bring you light in the darkness. They created an adapted lighting design especially for this concert.


Kaija Saariaho — Composition

Maija Hynninen — Composition

Tomi Räisänen — Composition

Aïda Gabriels — Licht Design
Bram Vandeghinste — Licht Design

Katrien Gaelens — Flutes

Dries Tack — Clarinets

Pieter-Jan Vercammen — Guitars

Ward Ginneberge — Accordeon

Hanna Kölbl — Cello

With the support of the Flemish Government

For Alvin

Atelier of Olivier Deprez
Oct. 8th 2023

Nov. 8th 2023

Dec. 19th 2024 

Alvin Lucier was one of the greatest innovators of modern music history. His minimal approach feels so honest, his music is so clear that one can not not be fascinated and seduced by it. 
Even at the age of 90 years old, the glint in his eyes kept revealing a childlike wonderment. 
We confront our instruments with his most cherished sound, the clean tone of the sine wave, until the entire hall vibrates along on the same wavelength. 
A quest for what sound really means, in its simplest appearence.

Katrien Gaelens, Flute, Performance & Objects 
Dries Tack, Clarinets and Objects
Nico Couck, Guitars and Objects

A La Vida Bona!

 When we talk about the 'Chaconne', most of us spontaneously think of a variation series on a repeated bass motif, usually in a slow three-four beat. Almost automatically, we hear the four descending, plaintive bass notes of the magisterial Chaconne from Bach's second violin partita. The original Chaconne or Ciaccona, however, was cut from a very different cloth. It was originally a fast and lively dance that arose from the cross-pollination of different cultures in the overseas Spanish colonies. The lyrics were bawdy, naughty or roundly vulgar, the dance movements suggestive, the music rousing. These forbidden dances were so popular in their time that they could not be prevented from slipping in even through convent doors. A striking example is the 17th-century 'A la vida Bona' by Catalan composer Juan Arañés. The song is bulging with scenes that seem to have escaped from a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. 
The GLoW Collective takes this musical form as a starting point for an exploration of different cultures and genres. They draw parallels to the contemporary hip-hop scene through lyrics by Belgian Congolese actor, singer and producer Pitcho Womba Konga. Effortlessly, they juxtapose a reworking of the 17th-century 'A la Vida Bona' with newly written work by composer Prach Boondiskulchok. All with one aim in mind: to prove that life is a celebration, even today. 
Un Sarao de la Chacona, A La Vida Bona!


August 4th '24
MA Festival 

September 14th '24
September 15th '24
Festival Wilde Westen 

Nov. 29th '24
Ars Musica
 Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels


We all breathe to live, but we all breathe differently. The way we breathe influences our health, how we feel and how we think.
Can your way of breathing be influenced by listening to music? 
Can we change the way you feel?
Can we change the way you think? 
We believe it is possible! 
Take a breath and come breathe with us.